Hoodie Hogan Rants About WWE Becoming PG is an episode of ShadowSwine54's YouTube series.

Plot Edit

Hoodie Hogan introduces himself to the audience and shares with them a picture from WWE's Instagram page featuring two Divas "looking for mysteries" alongside a giant Scooby Doo plush. He is quite disgruntled about this post, as he claims it is "bad advertising" and that kids don't even use Instagram. He then reads the post's comments out loud, telling one Instagram user who was excited for the upcoming Scooby Doo movie to grow the hell up.

After scrolling through and reading more comments, Hoodie Hogan brings up another picture. This one features WWE wrestler Goldust and the same Scooby Doo plush. The hoodster becomes even more aggravated after his internet connection begins to lag. He goes on angry tirade for the next minute before being told by a staff member to wrap the video up.

Turning to the camera, Hoodie Hogan flings insults at the staff and is reprimanded by Wolverine for taking more time than needed for the video. Hoodie Hogan starts screaming and slamming his hands into the table before charging into the refrigerator and getting knocked unconscious.


The episode is well-received as a successful rant and humorous video despite its short length.


  • This is one of the few ShadowSwine54 videos filmed in narrow format. It was recorded on an iPod Touch 4G due to the iPad being used as a prop in the episode.
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