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"I am Hogie Hoodie... I mean Hoodie Hogan!"

Hoodie Hogan is the awakened form of Hulk Hogan, a result of his voluntary use of the Hogan Cubes. This upgraded Hogan appears in many major episodes and often prevails over his enemies.

There are four known forms of Hoodie Hogan: the regular Hoodie Hogan seen most prominently in battles, the less-powerful Semi-Hoodie Hogan, the upgraded Voodoo Hoodie Hogan, and the oriental Weeaboo Hoodie Hogan. Human Hogan, though not classified as a hoodie form, can be viewed as an advancement of Hoodie Hogan.


Hulk Hogan will resort to transforming into Hoodie Hogan in the heat of most battles against formidable foes. Maintaining the Hoodie form in combat can and will put stress on the body, so hoodievolving is often a last resort. There have been many times Hoodie Hogan has appeared outside of battle, however. It is unclear why Hogan is sometimes already in his Hoodie state from the start of many videos.

The Hoodie Hogan transformation occurs when Hulk Hogan touches or (following his retconned 'absorption') uses his will to activate the Hogan Cubes, causing a magical chain reaction to power him up. During this metamorphosis he pilots a humanoid vessel (referred to as "The Host"). Sometimes the Host will appear wearing a leather jacket or vest. The Host has a mind of its own, and has even turned its back on Hulk Hogan when it feels he is not worthy to bear it, most notably in the Hulk Hogan Christmas Special. It is also noted that the Host will run rampant and go berserk if Hulk Hogan is removed from the body forcefully.

In this form, Hulk Hogan is granted an immense power boost, rivaling that of enemies like The Wolfman and Stone Cold. When he can't completely overpower a foe, Hoodie Hogan relies on tricks such as the "lysol-can spray".

Hulk Hogan can only assume his Hoodie form for a limited time. The Host will vanish after Hulk Hogan exhausts too much energy, and it will even regurgitate him if Hoodie Hogan receives a great amount of damage or gets startled by a sudden and loud occurrence. If the Host is destroyed, such as when Funky Frank defeated Hoodie Hogan while violently using a chainsaw, Hogan will not be able to hoodievolve for a long period of time than can even span up to one year.  


When Hulk Hogan enters his Hoodie form, he is multiplying his power to a terrifying degree. As a result, Hoodie Hogan can utilize a plethora of techniques that require a substantial amount of aura and voodoo power (should he use the Voodoo Heart). 

  • Leg Drop- Perhaps his most devastating wrestling technique, Hoodie Hogan has used his Leg Drop to defeat many foes. The move involves him dropping onto an incapacitated enemy, driving his leg into the chest-area. A well-executed Leg Drop from Hogan can end his target's career. This move has been used outside of Hoodie form, too, and it is still a dangerous maneuver. 
  • Hulking Up- Hoodie Hogan can increase his defense to temporarily absorb blows from his enemies before unleashing his bottled-up wrath in the form of a barrage of punches. 
  • Spinny Dinny- A technique in which Hoodie Hogan rotates his opponent to temporarily disorient them. 
  • Voodoo Boost- By wearing the Voodoo Heart in his hoodie form, Hoodie Hogan will transform into Voodoo Hoodie Hogan and obtain an even greater power boost.



  • The concept of Hoodie Hogan originated from a prank among the filming crew to confront a person dressed as the character while former WWE wrestler Goldust's theme song is played on a nearby device. The uncanny image of the Hulk Hogan doll with human limbs drew many laughs, and Hoodie Hogan was consequently made a legitimate character.