"I guess that you did not know that you were not invited to dinner, but I guess you will make a fine...Hogan Steak! Tasty tasty...tas"- Creepy Cronk
Hogan Steak is a theoretical delicacy of the Mugger Monsters. It is to be served as a dinner meal upon undergoing substantial preparation.

Lore Edit

Creepy Cronk suggested the idea of making a fine "Hogan Steak" out of Hulk Hogan following the wrestler's opposition to the muggers. He declared that Hogan was not invited to dinner, but figured a Hogan Steak would be a worthy addition to the Mugger Monsters' meal time.

Filmography Edit

Hogan Halloween Special Part 2: A Friend is Lost- Creepy Cronk suggests the Hogan Steak, a proposition that causes him and Crazy Clown to salivate.

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