Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2 is the climactic conclusion to ShadowSwine54's Halloween Arc. The episode revolves around the war between Hulk Hogan and the remnants of the Mugger Monsters.

Plot Edit

Introduction Edit

Wolverine starts the episode off by explaining the events that are currently taking place in the basement to the audience. He recaps that Whimsical Whiskers was killed by Stone Cold and that the basement is in a state of chaos. The action gets a little too close to Wolverine, causing him to beg for help before the camera man screams and collapses. ShadowSwine Studio's basement has become a battleground between the household and the Mugger Monsters.

Monsters V.S. ShadowSwine Crew Edit

Hulk Hogan is tossed into a hamper by the powerful mugger Creepy Cronk. The Cronkite laughs at the immobilized wrestler and spills the hamper's contents all over his enemy, further crushing Hogan. Wolverine rams himself into Cronk, effectively bringing the monster down. Meanwhile, Crazy Clown fights off Darth Vader and Willie Nelson. He is eventually overpowered by the duo.

Crazy Clown's injury Edit

Stone Cold, having fully recovered from his duel with Whimsical Whiskers, descends down the staircase to a terrifying scene: Crazy Clown is brutally injured. The cameramen call for the scene to be cut and Crazy Clown gags in pain. He is assisted by The Medic, who carries the sadistic clown out of the basement on a stretcher.

Stone Cold V.S. The Wolfman Edit

The previous scene is redone, this time with a seemingly exhausted Stone Cold. He proceeds to enter the battlefield but is assaulted by The Wolfman in a sneak attack. The two duke it out in a heated battle, but Stone Cold emerges the victor. His triumph is short lived, however. Creepy Cronk informs the alcoholic wrestler that he forgot about The Reaper, who assaults Stone Cold with a baseball bat.

Reaper V.S. Hoodie Hogan Edit

Hulk Hogan crawls his way over to Sonic in an effort to retrieve the Hogan Cubes. The Hulkster succeeds and transforms into the powerful Hoodie Hogan. ShadowSwine54's iconic theme song starts to play as Hoodie Hogan counters Reaper's baseball bat attack before brutally unleashing a barrage of punches. The final trump card of the Mugger Monsters does not get an opportunity to retaliate; He is crushed by Hoodie Hogan's signature leg drop and later choked with wires. Though his immortality prevents death, Reaper loses consciousness due to the lack of air. 

Screenshot 2017-12-07 at 10.23.43 AM

Nanoseconds before Hoodie Hogan's leg drop connects

Conclusion Edit

Creepy Cronk, after losing all will to live, asks Hulk Hogan to divulge how he plans to execute the dastardly Cronkite. Without much being said, Hogan points a rifle at Cronk's head and tells the cameraman to face away from the scene. Creepy Cronk lets out one last cry of misery before a gunshot can be heard. With Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie left without any support, the ShadowSwine Crew pummels the Mugger Monster mastermind. His face is submerged in toilet water and drowned by Hulk Hogan


The episode's post-story scene depicts Sonic caressing the camera, proclaiming his desire to "see" Santa. 

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Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2 was praised as a fitting end to the Halloween Specials Arc. Though not ShadowSwine54's best video, it earned its place as a great addition to the series.

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