Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta is the first episode of the Halloween Horror specials and the direct sequel to Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2. It is the eighth episode of the Halloween Specials Arc.

Plot Edit

Infiltration of the Apartment Edit

On one dark October night, two nefarious monsters who go by the name Madame Cronk and Mr. Bogardt are seen waltzing up a sidewalk. Cronk informs her beastly assistant that they have arrived at the destination, and the two infiltrate through the basement door.

An Evil Plan Edit

Madame Cronk reveals her plan to Bogardt, who so far has obeyed her every command. She reveals herself to be the mother of Creepy Cronk and swears revenge against Hulk Hogan and his friends. By using the corpses of the many deceased Mugger Monsters that are left in the basement, Madame Cronk declares that she will craft a potion that will empower Mr. Bogardt with enough strength to kill the hulkster. Bogardt rummages through the basement until he finds a suitable cauldron to craft such a potion.

Hulk Hogan and Friends Edit

Upstairs, it is revealed Hulk Hogan and his friends Macho Man, Wolverine, and Willie Nelson are lounging on the couch conversing. Macho Man thanks Hogan for inviting him over to sit on the newly installed couch. Hogan is relieved that they have not had any run-ins with new Mugger Monsters after they were dealt with several years ago. However, Hogan later remarks that he hears noise coming from the basement. He accurately imagines that it sounds as if Creepy Cronk's mother is down there planning an act of revenge.

Empowerment of Mr. Bogardt Edit

Madame Cronk begins the stir the cauldron and enchant it. She orders Mr. Bogardt to collect the finished product in a bottle labelled "Mean Green" . Mr. Bogardt then sprays the formula into his mouth and surges with newfound energy.

Hoodie Hogan V.S. Mr. Bogardt Edit

Hogan and his friends are assaulted by Bogardt and Madame Cronk, who rush up the basement stairs and through the door. Hulk Hogan is held down as Madame Cronk reveals her identity alongside her revenge plan. Completely overpowered, Hulk Hogan resorts to Hoodievolving.

Now in his Hoodie Hogan form, he is able to push Mr. Bogardt back. The two engage in a brutal exchange of blows, but even after being hit with a leg drop Bogardt emerges relatively unscathed. Madame Cronk orders Bogardt to finish Hoodie Hogan, which he does so with a brutal stomp. The host ejects Hulk Hogan and crawls away, but Macho Man calls it back.

Hoodie Macho V.S. Mr. Bogardt Edit

Macho Man becomes one with the unpiloted host and assumes his Hoodie Macho form. Immediately he swings at Bogardt and sends the monster tumbling across the floor. Madame Cronk is shocked that Macho Man is able to overpower Mr. Bogardt after he ingested the Mean Green Formula, but remains unharmed by his attempted attack thanks to her invincibility spell.

Hoodie Macho exchanges heavy blows with Mr. Bogardt until both decide to take the battle outside. It is here that they battle at full power, with Bogardt tanking some of Hoodie Macho's most powerful attacks such as the Elbow Drop. Realizing that the battle might last an eternity, Hoodie Macho beckons Mr. Bogardt to attack him at full power, tricking the monster into falling down the cellar stairs and getting locked inside. He yells out that this whole incident is not his problem because he is from the Second Wing. Returning back inside, Macho Man justifies his actions and decides to leave. He monologues about his son's alcoholic driving accidents and leaps out the door soon after.

Madame Cronk's Next Plan Edit

Madame Cronk emerges from behind a door and reflects on the night. She is very much surprised at Macho Man's power but is happy to still have the Mean Green Formula in her possession while also being able to sense the presence of Mr. Bogardt in the basement. Electing to sell her newly stolen jewels to hire more monsters, Madame Cronk retreats until her next annual emergence.

Omake Edit

After the episode's end, a skeletal monster informs the audience to stay tuned for the next year's Halloween Horror special. He then expresses his disdain for black people.

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode was planned to feature a revival of the original Mugger Monsters, but this plot device was cancelled due to the staff's inability to locate the props for Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown.
  • The battle between Hoodie Macho and Mr. Bogardt attracted unwanted neighborhood attention; the production team was close to becoming involved in legal trouble.
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