"I'm gonna tell you the secret of the Hogan Cubes."
The Hogan Cubes are a cosmic pair of Super Mario-themed fuzzy dice that fell from the heavens into Hulk Hogan's backyard. When Hulk Hogan makes physical contact with them, he transforms, or "hoodievolves', into Hoodie Hogan.  

The Hogan Cubes were delivered to Hulk Hogan by an increasingly delusional Sonic until the hulkster absorbed them into his body in order to use them actively. The Hoodie Hogan transformation usually allows Hulk Hogan to defeat his enemies and save the day. 

Lore Edit

The Hogan Cubes, in actuality, are the testicles of the biblical figure Cain.  

Notable Appearances Edit

Prequel of The Hogan Cubes- The Hogan Cubes fell from the sky and landed on Sonic while he's picking petunias. NWO Hogan arrives in Hulk Hogan's dimension and threatens to have them handed over, causing a battle to break out. Despite the episode being based around them, they are never used. 

A Feen is Born- When Hulk Hogan is beaten by Wolverine, a mentally disfigured Sonic who believes he and the Hogan Cubes are part of a prophecy comes to his rescue and gives them to the hulkster. This triggers the first on-screen hoodievolution. 

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