"The only bastard is you, my creation!"

Hillbilly Jim is a major character of ShadowSwine54. He served as an important background figure throughout the storyline, as he was the Reaper's mentor, the creator of Psycho Jim, and the founder of Voodoo.

He is one of the lead protagonists of the film "Secret of the Hogan Cubes", where he came to Hulk Hogan's assistance after sensing a disturbance in space and time. Hillbilly Jim is credited with defeating Psycho Jim and giving his own life to resurrect Hulk Hogan.

Lore Edit

Jim Morris was a retired professional wrestler from the WWF. His success throughout his career can be credited to Jim's harnessing of spiritual energy to enhance his physical capabilities. After leaving the WWF, Hillbilly Jim devoted his post-retirement life to practicing Voodoo and profiting off of it in the form of selling Hulk Hogan various trinkets and catalysts.

At one point, Hillbilly Jim had taken in an apprentice to teach his most powerful voodoo techniques to. Cletus O'Donnel, who later became known as the Reaper, betrayed Jim after he had grown too confident in his own voodoo. Hillbilly Jim seemingly killed his apprentice following a clash of voodoo spells.

Hulk Hogan frequently purchased Voodoo accessories from Hillbilly Jim. An example would be his acquisition of the Voodoo Heart. Hillbilly Jim also infused various items with Voodoo energy, such as swords.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Hillbilly Jim was one of the most powerful characters to exist in ShadowSwine54. Being a grandmaster of Voodoo, he was able to unleash a multitude of powerful spells that not even the Reaper was capable of. With this considered, it was wise of the N.W.O to trick him into using all of his Vooodo power on Psycho Jim before they launched their own assault, as Hillbilly Jim's power may have even surpassed that of the Human forms.

Voodoo Aura Edit

Hillbilly Jim discovered the practice of Voodoo and had mastered it completely, making him the dark art's most proficient wielder. Jim's harnessing of spiritual energy was so intense that it materialized as a red, ghastly cloak upon charging his power.

Voodoo Teleportation Edit

Hillbilly Jim focuses his thoughts on a specific place and subsequently relocates to it.

Telekinetic Voodoo Edit

Perhaps the most basic application of Voodoo, Hillbillly Jim grips an opponent with a spiritual force and violently directs them towards a surface to deal damage.

Voodoo Lighting Edit

An advanced Voodoo spell, Hillbilly Jim ravages his enemy with bolts of electricity.

Voodoo Punisher Edit

A technique in which Hillbilly Jim releases a blast of intense Voodoo aura from his hand. The spell manifests as a golden laser of some sort and appears to knock targets back a great distance.

Voodoo Nova Edit

One of the three forbidden Voodoo spells, Hillbilly Him creates a miniature sun in his palm before launching it at a target.

Filmography Edit

Prologue of the Hogan Cubes- Hulk Hogan contacts Hillbilly Jim via phone call with the request that he infuses a katana blade with Voodoo energy in order to help the hulkster in his battle against N.W.O Hogan. Jim accepts the commission and the phone call ends.

Secret of the Hogan Cubes- Hillbilly Jim serves as a significant protagonist in the movie. He arrived at the apartment using Voodoo Teleportation in order to warn Hogan of a "universe bending" threat. When the N.W.O made its move by dispatching Psycho Jim, Hillbilly Jim revealed his history with the maniac and subsequently annihilated him. After using up his aura for the time being, Jim sat down to discuss a retaliation plan with the ShadowSwine Crew, though the N.W.O took advantage of his condition and launched an all-out assault. With Hulk Hogan being killed in the crossfire, Hillbilly Jim rushed on to the scene to retrieve his corpse in order to revive it. The resurrection spell worked, though there was no time to obtain a catalyst, and so Hillbilly Jim had used up all of his own life force to restore that of Hogan's. After Hillbilly Jim's funeral, the master voodooist was shown in a heaven-like setting with Sonic, recounting the secret of the Hogan Cubes.

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Trivia Edit

  • The character of Hillbilly Jim underwent a change in direction before Secret of the Hogan Cubes. In Prologue of the Hogan Cubes, he is depicted with a deeper voice similar to Willie Nelson.
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