Freaky Fred was one of the primary antagonists in The Hogan Halloween Special Part 3: New Enemies and The Hogan Halloween Special Part 4: A Grim Situation. He fought alongside Funky Frank as a fellow mugger monster

Lore Edit

Freaky Fred was a mugger monster who, under the command of Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie, stole jewels and beat up victims. Before his enlistment, however, Fred was a renowned singer who went by the name "Michael Jackson". It is believed Jackson's corpse was exhumed by unnamed grave-robbing mugger monsters who were sent by Reaper to retrieve it.

With Michael Jackson's corpse in his possession, Reaper used voodoo to resurrect the apparatus and add it to the mugger monster roster. The new addition pleased Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie, and The Reaper was given a promotion for his successful experiment. Fred served as a combat mugger during his time in the Halloween Specials in which he pummeled Hulk Hogan and his friends. He was later decapitated by Hoodie Hogan after having a refrigerator door shut on his neck.


The Hogan Halloween Special Part 3: New Enemies- Freaky Fred was hired as an enforcer to battle Hulk Hogan and his friends. He succeeded in killing Wolverine, much to the anger of Hulk Hogan

Hogan Halloween Special Part 4: A Grim Situation- Soon after Hulk Hogan broke free of Funky Frank's hold, he transformed into Hoodie Hogan and beheaded Freaky Fred by beheading him with a refridgerator door. 


The beheading of Freaky Fred


  • Freaky Fred cannot speak, or it is assumed he can't. However, he did chant "kalima" while manhandling Wolverine, a non to the Indiana Jones films.
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