"Ehhh! Ehhh!"- Feen's signature cry
Feen is Hulk Hogan's pet Feenaphin, a talking aquatic animal belonging to the Dolphin family. He is characterized by his fickle nature and is always plotting to overthrow and/or murder Hulk Hogan.  

Lore Edit

Feen is very dolphin-like in appearance and fish-like in shape. He has smooth, blue, skin with a grey underbelly. His mouth is naturally curved to always maintain a smile, regardless of his actual mood. Feen's eyes are black with white pupils.

Feenaphins are a subspecies of Dolphins that uncontrollably warp into apartments once they mature. A Feenaphin himself, Feen teleported into Hogan's life after he turned five years of age, dangerously dehydrated due to the lack of water in the household. He was rescued by Hulk Hogan after he nearly lost his life to Wolverine, and since then has been a part of the crew's daily life.

Following Hogan Halloween Special Part 2: A Friend is Lost, Feen was insulted by Hogan and consequently betrayed him by ambushing him and enlisting in the ranks of the Mugger Monsters. Though Feen eventually rejoined Hogan's side to defeat the Reaper in Hogan Halloween Special Part 4: A Grim Situation, he once again defected to the enemy by joining the N.W.O in Secret of the Hogan Cubes (though he pretended to have never associated with them after their defeat). It can be assumed from this that Feen enjoys fueling conflict and will defect to the "winning" side in order to prioritize his own survival when involved in it.


By focusing his energy into his tail fins and releasing it in charged bursts, Feen can launch himself forward like a projectile. This ability has been incorporated into various attacks that can take down some of the most powerful adversaries.

  • Special Feen Cannon- A technique where Feen coils his aura into his tail fins and launches himself at light speed. The longer he charges it, the more devastating the result is.
  • Feenpedo- With a quick aura burst in his tail fins, Feen makes a hasty charge forward. The impact is light, but should suffice in finishing off weakened opponents.

Notable Episodes Edit

A Feen is Born- Feen wound up in Hulk Hogan's apartment after being a victim of the dimensional warp that all mature Feenaphins must endure. He was targeted by Wolverine, who saw him as a meal. Hulk Hogan defeated Wolverine, and Feen has lived alongside the hulkster since then.

The Hogan Halloween Specials- Feen played a significant role in Parts 2 through 4 of the Halloween Specials. At first, he joined the Mugger Monsters after feeling that Hulk Hogan had disrespected him. He later came to Hogan's assist in 'A Grim Situation', declaring that he finds being a hero more fun than a playing the role of a villain and ultimately defeated The Reaper with his Special Feen Cannon.

The Rise of The Alliance: Part 2- Chronologically taking place in between Halloween Specials part 2 and 3, Feen made a surprise appearance at the episode's end, ambushing Voodoo Hoodie Hogan with his signature Feenpedo. This resulted in Hulk Hogan's defeat and furthering the tension of their rivalry. 

Secret of the Hogan Cubes: Feen served as one of the primary antagonists of the ShadowSwine54 movie. He was revealed to have joined the N.W.O and later battled Willie Nelson during N.W.O Hogan's raid on the apartment, though he was defeated by the power within. During the aftermath, Feen attempted to assimilate back into the ShadowSwine Crew but was chased by a ravenous Wolverine.  

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