eric cartman

Eric Cartman is John Cena's best friend. If you see Cena, Cartman is not too far behind. He was kidnapped and turned into dolls like everyone else.

Bio Edit

Eric Cartman is a kid from south park, who likes chipotle more than  Taco Bell. How did he get to the Hulk Hogan universe? Many believe in Universe Collision, While everyone else was fighting, Cartman snuck his way into the coke a cola time machine from a different world, where he warped into our dimension. 

Videos Edit

Eric Cartman appeared first in "Hulk Hogan in Cena's Apartment", where he was invited to Cena's house. He was last seen with his head stuck in a chair seat screaming, "hellpp!!!!". It is unknown if it was Hulk Hogan who did that to him.

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