The following is a list of cancelled or deleted episodes with a detailed synopsis for each. The episodes are listed in order of conception.

Deleted: [sic] Hulkhogan interview Edit

Chronology: Before Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle Edit

Reason For Deletion: Episode was deemed 'uninspired' and lacked originality. Edit

The first ever published episode of ShadowSwine54, "Hulkhogan interview" features the production team interviewing Hulk Hogan. Most questions were in reference to the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History.

Deleted: Hulk Hogan Meets Sin Cara Edit

Chronology: Before Hulk Hogan Meets Sin Cara Again Edit

Reason For Deletion: Unknown Edit

This episode begins with Hulk Hogan walking in front of his interview table, where he yells "Shut that off!" at someone playing the piano in the background. Suddenly, Sin Cara's WWE theme played in the background and Hogan was subsequently attacked by the luchador. They fought on equal grounds at first, but Hogan wound up losing. In an act of spite, Hulk Hogan pulls Sin Cara's mask off, revealing his ugly face and causing Sin Cara to panic. Hogan then catches Sin Cara off-guard and defeats him with a leg drop.

Cancelled: John Cena V.S Hulk Hogan Edit

Chronology: Before Hulk Hogan Rages After Losing a NES Game Edit

Reason For Cancellation: Insufficient Production Time Edit

The episode had been intended to be the debut of John Cena. The plot entails Hulk Hogan getting framed for destroying and messing up his housekeeper's apartment. Hogan sets up security cameras for proof that it wasn't him, and he captures footage of John Cena breaking in and wrecking the place. When the housekeeper is presented with such evidence, John Cena interrupts by breaking in again and Attitude Adjusting both onto the floor. Though more scenes were set to be filmed, the episode was cancelled and left unpublished.

Deleted: The Hulk Hogan Rap BattleEdit

Chronology: Before The Ultimate Battle Edit

Reason For Deletion: Unknown Edit

This episode consisted of a rap battle between Wolverine and Hulk Hogan, sampling the beat of "Shook Ones Part 2" by Mobb Deep. The ShadowSwine Crew watched on as the two spat rhyming insults at each other. The episode had stealthily been removed from the channel for reasons unknown.  

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