The following is a list of cancelled or deleted videos with reasons:

John Cena V.S Hulk Hogan

This video was actually supposed to be the debut video of John Cena. Hulk Hogan keeps getting framed for destroying and messing up his housekeeper's apartment. When he sets up security cameras for proof that it wasn't him, They find a video of John Cena breaking in and wrecking the place. Just as the housekeeper realizes it wasn't Hogan, John Cena breaks in again and attitude adjusts both onto the floor. Hogan realizes he couldn't let Cena keep doing this. They engage in a battle, in which John Cena wins easily. Hogan Then challenges Cena to a rematch, and it ends up with both knocked out. On round three, Hogan wins with a miracle leg drop and the apartment is saved. John Cena apologizes through a rap, and both become friends. The video was cancelled in the middle, because the shadowswine team was too busy with other video plots.

Hulk Hogan interview

This was the first ever Hulk Hogan video in history. The interview team asked Hulk Hogan many ERB-based questions, such as "Why do you hate Kim-Jong il?" It was Deleted because The ShadowSwine crew decided the videos shouldn't be interviews. It also had too many ERB references.

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