"I'm going to monster mash your ass!"

Darth Vader is a recurring antagonist of the ShadowSwine54 series. He serves as a member of Hogan's household and often causes much inconvenience for the ShadowSwine Crew along with his romantic partner Wario.


Some time in 1980's America there were reports of a deranged serial rapist who travelled from state to state committing horrific sexual crimes on whoever he pleased. This man was never caught by authorities; He was either too elusive to be captured or perhaps never existed at all. However, there is one frightening consistency among all reports: this man was horrifically disfigured and apparently wore a Darth Vader costume to protect his identity. It is because of this that the victims all refer to this string of rape and molestation across the states as the "Ravaging of Darth Vader".

Darth Vader arrived at the ShadowSwine Crew's household some time after the Universe Collision incident and slowly integrated himself into the daily life of Hulk Hogan. Few ask where he came from and even fewer ask about his identity. It is because of this that it is generally (albeit incorrectly) understood that he is the genuine Darth Vader who originated from the Star Wars Universe and came to Hogan's world due to a malfunction in The Coke a Cola Time Machine, similar to people like Joshachu, Wario and Wolverine. There is absolutely no proof of this assumption, however.

Vader is flamboyant in nature and outwardly homosexual. He is unrestrained in sexual behavior and will fornicate with Wario any chance he can get. It is not uncommon for Hulk Hogan to walk in on the couple performing sexual acts on one another. Darth Vader has even begun having sex with Wario just seconds after an argument with Hogan while the hulkster is still present. It is because of this that Darth Vader is scorned by the household and brutally assaulted on an almost daily basis. Hulk Hogan once had to reprimand Stone Cold for nearly murdering Vader after an altercation involving a discussion of the YouTube channel "TheFineBros".

Powers/Abilities Edit

Darth Vader does not possess much fighting power and can easily be brutalized by much of the ShadowSwine Crew. He has demonstrated a somewhat viable yet crudely sexual style in battle, however.

  • Hip Thrusting- Darth Vader will thrust his genitals into his target, preferably where a body cavity is present. He effectively raped the mouth of Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie in Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2.
  • Durability- Darth Vader has been shown to withstand inhuman amounts of violence and manage to survive.

Notable Appearances Edit

The Tap Dancing Contest- Darth Vader's debut in which he hosts a dancing contest in the ShadowSwine household. He crowns The Wolfman as the winner.

Hulk Hogan HATES an Anime- Darth Vader and Wario demonstrate an obsession with the Japanese animated television series 'Lupin III'. He is later beaten senseless by Stone Cold Steve Jojo.

Hulk Hogan Endorses #MeToo- After raping Willie Nelson with help from Wario, Vader is stabbed to death by Hulk Hogan.

Trivia Edit

  • Darth Vader's personality gradually transitioned from a "hippy"-like disposition to a deranged sexual menace.
  • Darth Vader was the first homosexual ShadowSwine character to be introduced.
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