The Cronkite are a race of elite monsters in ShadowSwine54.

Lore Edit

Cronkite appear to originate from Germany, particularly the rural side as Madame Cronk has historically been referred to as 'die Hexe des Waldes', or the 'Witch of the Woods'. They are characterized by green/yellow skin and elongated noses. They possess similar anatomy and facial features to humans, though Cronkite appear caricatured to a slight degree.

Cronkite possess above-average physical strength in comparison to humans, as Creepy Cronk has been shown to overpower Hulk Hogan with ease. Though classified as monsters, Cronkite appear to hold acceptance in human society. For example, Creepy Cronk served as a Nazi soldier and later a concentration camp guard during Germany's historical period of World War II.

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