The Coke a Cola Time Machine was a device that Hulk Hogan crafted from recycled Coke a Cola cans and technological scrap. Though its use was intended to be for time travel, the finished product was a gateway to multiple universes.  

Lore Edit

Hulk Hogan had a dream. He wished to one day travel back in time to earn all championships in his wrestling career since he is too old to perform the task now. He had begun the construction of what he called the "Coke a Cola Time Machine" due to its base consisting of recycled Cola cans.

Hogan, being a man of extreme scientific experience in the ShadowSwine universe, was able to construct the device he had mapped out. However, the experiment was somewhat a failure. Instead of a device capable of time travel, the "time machine" was instead a portal to different dimensions.

During the events of Secret of the Hogan Cubes, the time machine had been destroyed by Human Hogan's leg drop. Its Dark Universe counterpart still exists but can no longer link with that of Hulk Hogan's.

Notable Appearances Edit

Prequel of the Hogan Cubes- The Coke a Cola time machine was still in development, but production progressed enough for NWO Hogan and Leroy to finally invade Hulk Hogan's dimension and get ahold of The Hogan Cubes. NWO Hogan exfiltrated by using the time machine off screen.  

Universe Collision- Hulk Hogan believed the time machine was finally completed and attempted to travel back in time, but Wolverine invaded the Hulkster's world and interrupted his plans.  

Secret of the Hogan Cubes- Both Coke a Cola time machines were used by the N.W.O to enter and leave Hulk Hogan's universe. Human Hogan destroyed his own time machine in order to nullify the Dark Universe's.  

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