CM Punk joins ShadowSwine is an episode of the ShadowSwine54 Second Wing series, featuring the first appearance of the new general manager CM Punk.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the Second Wing crew slacking off at their job, and Popeye stating that they get paid for basically doing nothing. The Rock contemplates what video game he should play and John Cena indulges himself in fast food. A shocked CM Punk shows up and explains to the crew that he's been sent by the ShadowSwine board of directors to find out the cause of their work not being done. A brutal fight breaks out with the entire Second Wing crew ganging up on CM Punk, who single-handedly defeats them all, even going as far as choking The Rock to near death. After dealing with his attackers, CM Punk leaves with a final warning that he will return in one week.

Reception Edit

The episode recieved praise for its humor and violence, but it suffered slightly from unenthusiastic acting and headahce-inducing shakiness. 

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode Mew is mentioned and given a line.
  • The episode was filmed the morning after the Staff got back from attending a WWE Pay Per View Event.
  • The earphones popeye was using in the beginning of the episode were broken.
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