"I got a guitar..."
Birthday Bear is a supporting character in the ShadowSwine54 series. 


As part of his job, Birthday Bear attends various parties, often birthday related ones. He is also fond of Christmas parties, as shown in the Christmas Specials.  

It is believed Birthday Bear was the result of Hulk Hogan trying to genetically recreate his ex-wife by splicing the DNA of Nashville's corpse with that of his ex-wife's severed index finger. The result was a sentient being who can speak the human language and celebrate parties, but it was far from Hogan's expectations. Still, he couldn't bring himself to euthanize his failed experiment, so Birthday Bear lived on as a member of the household. Birthday Bear is skilled at playing the guitar. 

Notable EpisodesEdit

The Wrath of Stone Cold- Birthday Bear was thought to be a witness of Santa's murder, so Hulk Hogan stuffed his mouth with a cookie in an effort to restrain the bear from speaking. 

The Worst Gift Ever- Birthday Bear attended the Christmas Party. He received a guitar from Santa.


  • Birthday Bear has been voiced before, but the prop is most often used to utter a built-in recording that is activated by a button on his hand. This built-in voice can be stopped by a sudden impact. 
  • In an exclusive interview, Birthday Bear says his favorite food is cake, but he dislikes christmas cookies, as they bring back bad memories. 
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