"I'm a real character!"
Bear Hogan is a strange character of unknown origin that never even existed within the ShadowSwine universe in the first place, defying the series canon with his appearance in Hulk Hogan Thanks His Fans.

Appearance Edit

Bear Hogan resembles a humanoid bear with features similar to Hulk Hogan such as his attire and mustache. His fur is light brown, an intentional parallel to the Hulkster's spray tan.

Lore Edit

There is boundless mystery surrounding Bear Hogan and the bear human characters as a whole. Similar to Bear H and Bear Michaels, he shoehorned himself into the series without any official introduction, as if he existed the whole time. However, after being reminded by the staff that he never existed in the first place, Bear Hogan had a psychotic breakdown and attempted to reassure himself that he is, in fact, a real character. This did not work well, as his screams could be heard in the background after he was rushed off the set.


Bear Hogan has not displayed any notable abilities, however he could be bending the fabric of space and time by managing to exist and not exist at the same time.

Trivia Edit

  • Bear Hogan is the only bear character to be reminded of their nonexistence rather than fired. Should the same have happened to Bear H and Michaels, they would have possibly had a psychotic breakdown and faded away, too.
  • Bear Hogan somehow knew that Rick O' Chan was located in the bathroom even though he had just appeared out of nowhere.
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