"Bear H fur the win!"
Bear H is a hybrid of WWE wrestler Triple H and a bear. After appearing in 'Hulk Hogan Prank Gone Wrong', he was forced to leave due to budget cuts.


Though we know nothing of Bear H and his bear hybrid allies' backstories, it is theorized that he is the result of Hulk Hogan playing god and fusing Nashville's DNA with the DNA from his ex wife's ring finger. Hulk Hogan mentioned that this creature won a "ShadowSwine Rumble", but no such episode exists. 

Bear H uncontrollably makes bear-related puns when he talks. This is the result of a disorder he has, similar to Tourette's Syndrome. 

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Bear H is a considerably powerful character, as he managed to murder the entire Second Wing Crew effortlessly. However, Hulk Hogan easily disposed of him and fired him by catching the bear off guard, meaning he wasn't exactly an indomitable force.

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