"I hate black people".

Bag of Bones Billie is a skeleton that serves Madame Cronk through non-combative means.

Lore Edit

Bag of Bones Billie was once a Ku Klux Klansman by the name of Billie Morris. It is believed that, during one instance of him burning a wooden cross on a political enemy's lawn, he accidentally ignited himself due to traces of natural gas in the ground. Thanks to Hillbilly Jim's (who was among the Klan at the time) mastery of reanimation voodoo, Billie was saved in time to retain his skeletal structure.

Now a husk of a man with nothing but his vehement racism to distinguish him, Billie adopted "Bag of Bones" into his name and embraced his new identity of a monster. He later was recruited by Madame Cronk to disguise himself as a lawn decoration with the purpose of spying on Hulk Hogan every Halloween season.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Though Bag of Bones Billie possesses below average fighting power, he is an exceptional spy.

Filmography Edit

Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta- At the episode's end, Bag of Bones Billie threatens the audience into staying tuned for the next Halloween Horror. He then states his dislike of black individuals.

Trivia Edit

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